Evan Davidson

Agronomist & Precision Ag Specialist

Evan Davidson was determined from a young age to become involved in agriculture. Contributing to the success of the dairy farmers is a dream come true.

Raised in Ontario, Evan started working on a dairy farm at young age. He’s been in the dairy industry ever since.

After graduating from high school, Evan moved west to Vermilion, Alberta, to pursue agriculture studies at Lakeland College. Evan graduated from Lakeland’s Crop Technology program on the Dean’s Honour role with a special focus on agronomy and agricultural business management.

Evan has been with DairyCrop Solutions since May 2019, specializing in the crop division and precision farming, but also assisting in the young animal nutrition division.

Evan enjoys working with DairyCrop to help meet farmer’s crop and nutritional goals by working closely with the producer and is passionate about providing high-quality service and advice.