Corn Seed

We help you select varieties of corn  that maximizes the heat units and soil conditions for your particular area.  Varieties that optimize yield, starch and whole plant digestibility can in turn help keep purchased feed costs down.


Dairy-Crop Solutions works with some of the leading forage seed suppliers bringing in the latest varieties for the Pacific Northwest Region.  From cover crop varieties to grass seed blends we work with you to customize your individual farm needs.

Milk Replacer

Grober Nutrition milk replacers and milk-based feeds are designed to enhance the genetic potential of calves, lambs, kid-goats, piglets and foals. Grober Nutrition products blend the latest in nutritional research and manufacturing technology (patented processing) and offer supreme digestibility and animal-growth performance.

Fertilizer and Agronomy

We work with the producers to maximize on farm inputs and minimize fertilizer purchased. With 25 years experience interpreting soil tests results. Dairy-Crop Solutions has a complete understanding of crop requirements to maximize yields with strong emphasis on economics.

Silage Inoculants

Silage inoculants from Chr. Hansen facilitate control of the fermentation process and help maintain a high nutritional value of the ensiled forage - features which ultimately translate into improved animal performance and higher return on investment.

SiloSolve® AS

Achieving aerobic stability in silage is critical as yeasts are the major factor in aerobic deterioration and mold production.

SiloSolve® AS is a combination of fast growing and competitive lactic acid bacteria and a unique strain of L. buchneri. The lactic acid bacteria dominate and control the fermentation while the L. buchneri provides a controlled level of acetic acid. This combination shows an improved fermentation profile as well as the ability to inhibit yeast and mold growth resulting in improved aerobic stability at feed out.

Aerobic stability studies on SiloSolve® AS have been conducted worldwide. Results have shown SiloSolve® AS to be effective at improving aerobic stability and reducing yeast and mold on a wide variety of crops.

Targeted crops include those with high sugar and low protein, ensiled at low moisture.

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  • Significantly improves aerobic stability in grass and corn silages
  • Reduces yeast and mold
  • Improves silage quality

SiloSolve® MC

In silage with high water activity, clostridia may grow in the absence of oxygen. This infection, results in silage with high levels of butyrate, acetate, ammonia, and amines along with decreased lactate. Silage with clostridia has a strong odor, elevated pH and usually results in reduced palatability.

SiloSolve® MC is a silage additive containing three strains of lactic acid bacteria. One strain (L. lactis SR3.54)is noted for its patented ability to help control undesired microbials such as clostridia. The two additional strains aid in enhancing overall fermentation.

Targeted crops include those that are ensiled at high moisture where the risk of clostridial fermentation is high.

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  • Protection against clostridia growth
  • Improved dry matter recovery
  • Improved fermentation
  • Reduced ammonia nitrogen for improved palatability


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